Friday, August 10, 2007

When Eight got in the car he wanted to turn the air-conditioner on but my dad said, "No". When my dad wasn't looking he turned it on.

When we got home, Eight made my cousin Luahn laugh. He tried to go into the freezer while my mum was not looking. Eight tugged on my mum's legs while she was vacuuming. He accidently put some ink on the page.

By Joseph, 1S


classk said...

Joseph, did you like it when Eight came to your house? George KA

classk said...

George I did like taking Eight home because he jumped on my head. Joseph 1S

class1 said...

Hi Year 1S,
I am having a great time at Mrs B's house. I've met her family and enjoyed a great dinner ( Mrs B is a great cook ... her seafood dishes are sensational. See you all on Monday.
Your friend Eight.