Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Eight's visit to the CEO

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During Eight's visit to the CEO he met with many interesting people. Eight sat with the Executive Director of Schools and talked on the Director's new iPhone. He then spent some time catching up on the news of the day by reading the Sydney Morning Herald. Eight also had an opportunity to attend a meeting with Garry, Trudie and Sophie. He was very busy working on his computer while he was there. Michael could not believe how clever Eight was. He had to fix Michael's computer. After decorating the CEO's Christmas tree, Eight rewarded himself with a candy cane. Eight was very grateful for the opportunity to visit the office.

Friday, August 10, 2007

When Eight got in the car he wanted to turn the air-conditioner on but my dad said, "No". When my dad wasn't looking he turned it on.

When we got home, Eight made my cousin Luahn laugh. He tried to go into the freezer while my mum was not looking. Eight tugged on my mum's legs while she was vacuuming. He accidently put some ink on the page.

By Joseph, 1S
After school, Eight and I went to netball training with the other girls in my team. After that Eight did my sister's homework and Eight chased my sister. Then we had dinner and watched TV. We also played on the computer. After that it was getting dark so Eight and I had something extra to eat.

By Sarah, 1S
Eight was very excited to go home with me from school as our first stop was at Big W. Eight helped me pick out stickers and a folder. After that we had something to eat.

Then I got ready to go to sprint training. At training, Eight was trying to beat me in a race. Eight had all eight legs going really fast but I still won. When we got home I watched T.V. but Eight kept changing the channels. Then Eight and I went outside and jumped on the trampoline but Eight kept on flying off. It was so funny!

I read a book to Eight and then we went to sleep.

By Tayla, 1S
My mum picked me and Eight up. When we got home we watched T.V. After that we had a bath.

Eight saw my sister's collection of snow-domes. He noticed that one of them was in a treasure chest. He liked that. He also saw a ship in a bottle and he wondered how the ship got into the bottle. Then we had dinner, brushed our teeth, read a story and went to bed.

Eight is my best friend!

By Anna, 1S
On the way home Eight sat in the boot and diring gymnastics he kept mum company.

When we got home, we watched television. Eight started bouncing around on the couch. We watched Princess Natasha and Skyland. "I'm hungry," said Eight. "You will have to wait for dinner Eight," I told him. When I said that we were having tuna he said, "Mmmmm. I love fish".

After dinner Eight watched me brucsh my teeth. Then he listened with me to my mum read a story. I made a special bed for Eight.

By Baden, 1S
When my Grandparents picked me up from school, Eight came along too. He was so shocked to see that our house number was the same as his name (8), that he accidently squirted some ink! I think Eight thinks that our house is named after him!

First, I showed him around the house. Then we watched Peppa Pig, where the pig family went to the beach (where Eight lives!). We also had a bath, then a tea-party, did homework, and ate chicken soup for dinner. Eight had some seaweed in his soup!

By Eliana, 1S

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I am Eight and welcome to my blog. I am a puppet octopus and I belong to Timmy. Timmy and I have been together since we were babies. One day I was left behind at a picnic spot. I had many adventures before I was found again by Timmy while he was fishing with his dad. During this term you will be able to take me home. While I am at your house I would like you to write about my adventures with you. You can share these adventures with others either by writing or drawing about them in my special book called, What adventures did Eight have at your house, or contributing to my blog. I hope we share lots of adventures together during this term